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Investor FAQs

  • What is Brocade's Strategy?

  • Where does Brocade stock trade?

  • How does one trade Brocade stock?

  • What analysts cover Brocade Stock?

  • Who is the transfer agent for Brocade's stock?

  • How do I change my address on my Brocade stock certificate? Or change title on the stock?

  • Does Brocade have a direct purchase plan?

  • Does Brocade issue dividends?

  • Where is Brocade located?

  • What year was Brocade incorporated and in what state?

  • When does Brocade's fiscal year end? What about each fiscal quarter end?

  • Who are Brocade's top competitors?

  • What are Brocade's new products?

  • When did Brocade go public? At what price?

  • How many shares were offered in the IPO?

  • Who were the lead underwriters for the Brocade Initial Public Offering (IPO)?

  • Who is Brocade's outside legal counsel?

  • Who are Brocade's independent accountants?

  • How many companies has Brocade acquired?

  • What are the details regarding the 2007 Reverse/Forward Stock Split?

  • When has Brocade's stock split?

  • What markets does Brocade compete in?

  • Do you have another question that hasn't been answered?


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